The spatial patterns of building approvals

Which areas of Sydney and NSW are recording the highest number of building approvals?

Usually, a trend analysis and volume analysis is performed, analysing the numbers of new dwellings being approved over time. However, a spatial trend analysis is essential too, since understanding the spatial patterns will reveal “where” and “how” the volume of new approvals is organized or dispersed in space. Is there a spatial or spatio-temporal pattern to building approvals? And how can future city boundaries be predicted using approvals as a leading indicator (we talked about the problem of identifying city boundaries a few weeks ago)?

Interactive maps showing Total Dwellings, New Houses, and Other Residential Dwellings, July 2016, Building Approvals, ABS Cat No. 8731.0. In 2015-2016, a clear south-west and north-west spatial pattern is visible. Also visible are differences between new detached houses approvals, that are spread over the region around Sydney, versus other residential buildings, including apartments, townhouses, villas or strata based new approvals, that are concentrated in the Sydney metro regions.

Total Dwellings

New Houses

Other residential buildings


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